College Football Coach Email Template: How to Write a Good Recruitment Email

College Football Coach Email Template: How to Write a Good Recruitment Email

Contacting a college coach via email is pretty much everyone’s go-to first point of contact. This is because there is a certain guarantee that the coach will open your email since this is part of their job as a coach (strictly speaking). However, it’s not as easy as it sounds. College coaches are bombarded with emails on a daily basis. This means you have to figure out a creative way to catch their attention. In this article we are going to give you some guidance on how to structure your email in the best way using our email template. First impressions matter, so you want to make sure you read over our tips and tricks to give you a better chance at grabbing the coaches attention.

TIP: Before you send your first email, make sure the email you are sending from is something that is professional and appropriate. For example: is simple, informative and will help you give a good first impression. 


Here you can access the most up-to-date college football openings from college coaches looking for players to fill roster spots


If you want a coach to stop on your email and click, you’re really going to have to make an effort with your email title. Coaches typically have in mind what they are looking for. If you put your position, height, and weight information in the title you are more likely to get a click than if you just put a generic title like “HS Graduate Interested in Joining Your Basketball Program” – this is not detailed or catchy enough and could get overlooked.


College coaches are recruiting players based on position and height so definitely include these. We recommend adding one thing that you think will make you stand out from all the other recruits. Here’s an example of this: Class 2024/QB 6’4/Fast 40yd Dash! Remember to keep your heading short and memorable. Try not to use too many characters 40 or less is best.

NOTE: The point of your email is to introduce yourself to college coaches and get your information in front of them so they can evaluate your potential. Show them you have the potential to be a college basketball recruit! Using our email template will make sure you get everything in.


Now the college coach has clicked into your email, the first thing you should do is tell them who you are and why they should be interested in recruiting you. Make sure you include the following information:

  • First and last name
  • Where you’re from
  • High school you graduated from
  • Your year of graduation
  • Your position with height and weight
  • Your athletic and academic achievements which make you more desirable

Always personalize your emails! Even when using our email template you must make it your own. Coaches are experts in this and can tell when you are just copying and pasting a generic email. If you’re not going to take the time out to write a personalized email to them, why will they take the time out to respond to you? If you first made contact with them through a social media platform like Facebook or X let them know this too.

TIP: Make sure you use proper grammar when writing an email to a college coach. This is not the time for slang or text talk. You can use a program like Grammarly or, have a parent or teacher read over the email for you before you send it. 


You want to demonstrate to the coach that you have researched the school and football program. Start by writing about something you read or a recent post that you can relate to. Make sure this is a true statement and is attention grabbing. Personalize your tone and tell the coach what has made you want to play for the school.  After this, introduce yourself, talk about your skills and how interested you are in being recruited by them. Tell them all the reasons why you really want to play for their school. This will show the coach that you’re not just mindlessly emailing them using our email template without having a clue about who they are and what the school and football program has to offer.

TIP: College coaches have been doing this for a long time and can tell when something is made up. You don’t have to do this. Just highlight your best attributes and be polite. Manners go a long way!

Here is an example to help you get started:

Coach, I’ve been following your program for a while. I have done my research into your program via your website and Twitter, and read a few posts that really inspired me. I think I’d be a great addition to your team. I noticed you’re graduating my position this year and wanted to put myself forward for the spot.


Go into more detail about yourself as a player. This is the part where you tell the college coach why you are a good fit for the program. Include the following types of information:

  • Game stats (best game, averages etc.)
  • Weight-room stats (1-rep max, max weight lifts etc.)
  • Athletic test scores (vertical jump, 40 yard dash, 5-10-5 agility, reaction times etc.)
  • SAT/ACT scores (if the school still requires this, check if they do first!)
  • Club awards you have received (MVP, Championships etc.)
  • Outstanding academic awards (coaches love players who are great in the classroom)

TIP: Keep it short! You don’t have to go into great detail about your entire football history. Just focus on your best, main points that really make you a good candidate to be recruited.

End this section with a link to your most recent football highlight video. Always, check your link to make sure it works! [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]


You want to end your email strong. Our email template will help you do this. The best way is to end with a short paragraph that tells the coach how to contact you, what you will be doing next and when you plan to follow up with them.  After all, the whole purpose is to get the college football coaches interested in you so they will contact you back.

Contact information to include:

  • Your cell number (let them know if you are on WhatsApp, Telegram etc.)
  • Your twitter handle (@JackFrost2024)
  • Your parents contact number/email
  • Your high school football coach email
  • Your club football coach email

TIP: You can also give them a list of dates when you are playing so they can come out to see you in person if they want.

Decide on how long you want to leave before you intend on following up with the coach (for example: 2 days or 1 week?). In your last paragraph inform them of this along with a time so they know when to expect a call from you. This will show college coaches that you are serious and interested in attending their program.  Whatever you do, do not forget to make your follow up call! This will demonstrate to the coach that you can organize yourself and stick to deadlines.

TIP: Schedule a reminder of the date and time into your phone. This way you will get notified on the day to call the coach so you won’t forget!


To avoid your email being disregarded by a college football coach you should always personalize your email template to each coach you contact. This means addressing the coach by their last name (Example: Hello Coach Jones not just Hi Coach). Coaches can tell if you’re just sending a generic ‘copy & paste’ email. It is advisable not to do this as it can hurt your chances of being recruited. We recommend using our template as a guide for you to fill out with your own words and research.


Hello Coach [insert the last name of the college coach you are contacting],

My name is [your full name] I am from [hometown/state]. I’m a [your position/height/weight], class of [graduate year] at or from [high school]. After doing some research on your school and program, I wanted to contact you about playing for you because [write 2/3 sentences about what has made you interested].

Some of my greatest football accomplishments are [list 2-3 athletic accomplishments that are relevant to the school and program you’re interested in]. Last season, I [add a couple of crucial athletic stats which highlight your skills & ability]. In the off season, I’ve been working on [include 1-2 skills] to improve on my game for next season.

As a student-athlete I have [list any outstanding academic achievements you have made over your high school years and include your GPA and test scores].

What I really liked about the school was [write a couple of sentences on what it is about the school that makes you want to attend].

After reading about your football program, what stood out to me the most was [write a couple of sentences on what you like about the football program and why it makes you want to play for the team].

I think I would be a great fit to the program because [write a short paragraph to sell yourself, write about what you can bring to the program, what your strengths are, what your good at, how you can make a difference on and off the court].

Here is my most recent football highlight video: [Insert link]

You can reach me via this email and at the following contact numbers:

  • My cell: [insert your number]
  • [Mom/Dad] cell: [insert their number]

My coaches said that they would be happy to talk with you if you wanted to speak with them. Here are their contact numbers:

  • High School Coach: [insert number]
  • Club Football Coach: [insert number]

I appreciate you taking the time to read my email Coach [Coach’s last name]. I have attached my game schedule. If you have time, it would be great if you could come out and watch me in person. I will give you a call on the [date and time you’re going to call] to talk to you more about my interest in attending [the schools name] and possibly setting up a visit.

Thank you and I look forward to speaking with you soon Coach!

[Your name]


Here you can access the most up-to-date college football openings from college coaches looking for players to fill roster spots

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